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Bollywood Classics - Events in Surrey, British Columbia,Canada March 27, 2024

VASANTOTSAV – NAAD Spring Festival of Music & Dance 2024

Naad Spring Festival of Music & Dance in 2024 is going to be a celebration of the Universal Language of Music and the Vibrant energy of Spring. The concept of Naad as the musical language of the universe is intriguing, emphasizing the power of Art to transcend Cultural and Linguistic boundaries, fostering connections among people from diverse backgrounds.

Naad Arts Centre extends an INVITATION to you for the upcoming “VASANTOTSAV” Naad Spring Festival of Music & Dance 2024, organized by Naad Arts Centre Society. The festival promises three days of captivating performances by talented artists, showcasing a diverse range of music and dance forms.

The festival is set to bring together a diverse community of artists, performers, and enthusiasts from various disciplines to showcase their talents, fostering a unique blend of cultural exchange and creativity. We believe that events like the Naad Festival play a crucial role in promoting cultural appreciation and understanding. The festival will feature performances ranging from classical music and traditional dance to contemporary expressions, providing a platform for artists across various disciplines. With participants and attendees from different cultural backgrounds, the festival aims to create a melting pot of artistic influences, fostering an environment of inclusivity and unity.

Brilliant Event Mangement !! @Guru Giri Productions Inc.

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